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SPC Automated Watering Kit

SPC Automated Watering Kit is a ease-to-use tool kit for you to develop a smart watering system for plants.

The kit implements two functions. One is to detect environment factors affecting plant growth such as soil moisture, another one is to water plants automatically through the moisture monitoring.

Individual pumps from the water reservoir delivers water over 1 meter (>3 feet) vertically to the plant pots.

Two solar panels supply 12 Volts, 180mA recharge the 12 Volt battery during the daylight and the 12 Volt battery supplies power to the moisture sensor electronics and power to the water pumps.

The digital solar controller can be configured to only supply power to the pumps and electronics for one hour after sunset in order to conserve power.

Parts can be purchased at Synthetic Physical Computing individually for maximum flexibility.


Welcome to the Synthetic Physical Computing Blog!

I am very much looking forward to providing information concerning the exciting world of short-bannerphysical computing.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, it is a way to interact with the physical world by way of using electronics and micro-controllers to activate or sense things in the real world.  One  simple example would be micro-controlling a fan motor based on a temperature sensor value (very cheap air conditioning).  A more complicated example is to navigate a remote controlled car through a track without the remote control.  The latest fad is the Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) Quadcopters.

The platforms that we will work with will be Arduino™ compatible, Penguino™ compatible and hopefully the Uno32™ Compatible open source projects.  Each of these have a “breadboard capable” Dual Inline Pin (DIP) micro-controller, well established bootloaders and Intergrated Development Environments (IDE) that allows for a fully hands on experience.

Each project will be supported with all components in a kit format available at