Focus for Synthetic  Physical Computing is building and discovering projects that express the human senses or reactions and convey information or respond in a physical fashion.   Hearing with Sound Processing, Vision with Light/Image Processing, Smell with Gas Detection, Touch with Capacitive Sense as well as Taste (salty and sour) with PH sensors.  There are many ways to process the information.

Motive capacities are synthesized through servos, steppers and motors with the sensor aid of accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers.  Proportional/Integral/Derivative (PID) control with the micro-controller will give any motive device near human grace.

Physical computing through simple microprocessors and digital computing through a personal computer are similar, the use of customized sensors will separate the two systems.  One can build a project that works with a personal computer, stand alone or a stand-alone connected to the internet.


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